Barstool pizza review list nyc

Dave is not wrong! Great sauce, great dough. Very tasty! Highly recommended! One bite We stopped in for lunch on a Thursday. While seated we ended up speaking with the Manager, Peter, who was incredibly friendly and informative.

Peter talked to us about the history of the restaurant, the "secret" to their sauce and showed us one of the oven's, which was just being fired up. The pizza might just be the best pizza the four of us have ever had.

It was incredibly flavorful and everything you would want in a pizza. John's is a must, when visiting NYC. The Pizza was good! A little pricey though. Our waiter wasnt super friendly either, but we ate the whole pizza in about 5 min.

Obviously it was good! A tip for the next time: if you check in with Yelp, your topping is free! Such a tiny, quaint place. We didn't wait at all at pm on a Monday.

Barstool Pizza Review - The Original Joe's Pizza (Greenwich Village)

Delicious cheese pizza. Wine was so so. What a great meal. Great pizzagreat service. The coal fired oven pies were over the top fantastic. Own or manage this property? Claim your listing for free to respond to reviews, update your profile and much more. Log in to get trip updates and message other travelers.

Top Barstool Sports pizza place review! Review of John's of Bleecker Street. John's of Bleecker Street. Improve this listing. Order Online.

barstool pizza review list nyc

Ranked of 13, Restaurants in New York City. Certificate of Excellence. Cuisines: Pizza.One of the things that Dave does is review pizza. Every, single, day. He scores all of the pizza on a scale ofwith anything above a 7 being really good in his book. Ironically, down the block from PT is difarapizzanyc, what he and many non-kosher eaters call the best pizzeria in the country def not kosh.

In the same video, he pops in through the back of their shop, and gets to make and eat one of their famous slices. I wish they could make a kosher run, even just once. You can watch it on his channel directly. I think most of us kosher folk assume that the kosher pizza we enjoy would pale in comparison to the non-kosher variety. An old favorite on Ave J, especially for Yeshiva of Flatbush students. Dave rates this an 8. This is a high score as he rarely doles out anything over 7.

The lack of flop in the pizza is impressive. Oh well. This Upper East Side location is a low-key pizza maven, winning accolades for Jews and non-Jews alike. It sure pleased Dave, scoring it an 8. Dave randomly finds this new kosher pizzeria and learns well, not really what kosher means.

The pizza was described as non-descript, but not awful, earning a 6. The review comes right outside their sukkah, and you can see he needs some Chabad in his life. Looking at all 5 together, we see an average score of 6.

What other kosher pizzerias do you think Dave should visit and review? Let us hear your thoughts in the comments below. Instagram Facebook Twitter. View this post on Instagram. You may also like. About the author. View All Posts. Facebook Comments. Disqus Comments 2 yeah-thats-kosher. Comment Share This! Search YeahThatsKosher.

Tags chabad home1 Israel Jerusalem jewish travel Kosher kosher 5 towns kosher aventura kosher boston kosher brooklyn kosher california kosher canada kosher chicago kosher crown heights Kosher DC kosher fl kosher flatbush kosher florida kosher food truck kosher israel kosher jerusalem kosher LA kosher long island kosher los angeles kosher manhattan kosher miami kosher miami beach kosher midtown kosher new jersey kosher new york kosher nj kosher ny kosher nyc kosher ontario kosher philly kosher queens kosher restaurant kosher restaurants kosher south florida kosher teaneck kosher tel aviv kosher toronto kosher travel kosher uws yeshiva week.Dave Portnoy has eaten a bite or more of pizza every day since June Barstool Sports.

Already a man, myth, and legend amongs collegiates and sports fans, Barstool Sports founder Dave Portnoy is now on a mission to try every pizza in New York City.

Barstool Sports gives pizza shop worst review ever

So, in honor of National Pizza Day on Feb. Fox News: What inspired your mission to try every pizza in New York? So we moved from Boston to New York about two years ago, and I had always grown up with pizza in Boston.

People seemed to love it, and it just caught on. I love it. Fox News: As per the rules of your challenge, you take a single bite of a pizza slice and rank it on a scale from 1 to 10, correct? Portnoy: Correct — there are no other rules.

You take it, you eat it, and you spit out the score right away. Fox News: Since your mission began in Junehow many pizza shops have you visited?

Yeah, a lot! Fox News: Have you really eaten a slice every day since? Do you ever get sick of it? But yes, every day. I only eat the whole slice if I like it.

Fox News: You've eaten pizza alongside famous chefs, sports stars and celebrities. He was in a secret [part] in the Bellagio that him, Alex Rodriguez and Jennifer Lopez were all staying in. Scott Van Pelt, he liked doing it. When I started it, I never dreamed the amount of well-known stars that would start eating pizza with me.

Fox News: Have you had any disasters along the way? But the places that we give really good reviews to, I think they get a pretty substantial uptick in business, because people trust the recommendations.

A couple got engaged in the middle of a pizza review. Because we do them out on the street, we never know who is going to jump in front of a camera and get involved, and that keeps them fresh, in a way.New Haven is often referred to as the pizza capital of the United States. And recently Barstool Sports, the semi-raunchy news site geared toward millennial-aged men, decided to weigh in on that opinion.

In each segment, Portnoy stands outside the pizza place, takes "one bit, everybody knows the rules," and with a cocky, somewhat crude flair reviews what he tastes. His first stop was Modern. Portnoy moved on to Pepe's, the original New Haven-style pizza joint, gave a very brief review and then moved on to Sally's Apizza—his favorite of the bunch. They're that close.

In the video, two passersby stopped to agree with Portnoy that Sally's is the best pizza in New Haven, and he got a lesson in saying "Apizza. It's nit picking if you're going to go one from the other. As far as declaring New Haven he pizza capital of the United States: Portnoy said he had to think about it. Caption Close. Image 1 of New Haven's 'spectacular' pizza earns high marks from Barstool Sports. Back to Gallery.

Related Stories. Colony vs. Which of these is the best pizza place in New Haven? Modern Apizza. Frank Pepe's. Sally's Apizza.

Make a Quiz in Minutes Quiz Maker.Check out my website or my twitter ]. In January, I moved to NYC to spend 6 months doing non-profit data science work, without ever having stepped foot in any of the 5 boroughs. If you just want to see the graphs or play around with the maps, scroll down until you see another map. But none of these options would truly work for a good quality estimate. Is there a better way to think about this problem?

No chance there. The best case scenario would be for a person to have to randomly go to a pizza place and review it with a scale granular enough to get a probability density.

Doing this enough times will allow us to understand what an 8. With this in mind, I went searching for a good dataset of pizza reviews. I excitedly emailed them, asking for access to their data. I was on my own. Their pizza data sits in two places, on Instagram and on their mobile-only app called One Bite shown below.

For Instagram scraping, I could either hire Mechanical Turk workers to listen to each review and put that into a database or do that myself. What if I could record the web traffic coming through the application, and reverse engineer their API instead?

I found an application called charleswhich pushes web traffic to an iPhone to help app developers debug more efficiently. It turns out, this worked fantastically well we sit on the shoulders of the giants who make internet tutorials. They have a venue endpoint that, when hit, returns an amazing amount of data including names and locations of the venue, along with scores from the community basically get read access to their database.

The endpoint had abysmal security having no verification process on the server or device side and was queryable based on location, store type, and any other feature in the data. The only issue is that the endpoint returns a maximum of 50 locations, but I got around this by randomly generating 10, locations around the United States and using those as inputs to the query string, successfully getting pizza reviews. These data had everything.

Even the link to the thumbnail used in the application, and links to the AWS s3 buckets where all the media was kept fyi: not the best idea to do this. The only missing fields I needed for geographic mapping were longitude and latitude so I used the Google maps reverse geocoder to get that information as well.

First, I wanted to figure out where the best pizza was clustered around. Are certain areas better at making pizza than others within New York? Please feel free to get on a play around with this data inside kepler or anywhere elsevisualizing pizza data is truly wonderful. Before we get to the questions about data distribution, where is our sample generated from?

The assumption is that the reviews are mostly from word of mouth recommendations and that the sheer size of the reviews by a single person will lend itself toward a more nuanced analysis of pizza reviews. The overwhelming number of pizza reviews happened in New York, coming in at about reviews in Manhattan alone another 20 or so from Brooklyn, and a smattering of reviews in Vegas, Miami, etc. No other city even gets to 20 reviews.

If we look at the top few cities by review count, we get an idea about why a large number of reviews are necessary to judge quality. For New York, the number of reviews is high enough to start to approach a more recognizable distribution than with other cities this is expected with larger samples. The median review score for all the data is 7. See the rest of the top 5 below. The next question I had was a little more technical.

What is the underlying density of pizza scores? How much better is an 8. Again, I thought of the individual data scores as samples from some distribution of true quality perception.Now I eat a slice and get it out of the way.

What began as a contest between friends one eating tacos daily, Portnoy taking pizza has grown into a cheese, sauce, crust-take monster.

David Portnoy

So in honor of National Pizza Day, we could think of no better person to offer his thoughts on how to order pizza for a big group of people, what defines a great slice, and—the ultimate question—whether Chicago or New York has the best pies. How will you be celebrating National Pizza Day? They have gigantic slices. He said tacos. I said pizza. I started rating the pizza and people just loved it. As an expert, can you recommend that people eat a slice every day?

There are all sorts of studies that say it can be good for you. Can you confidently say pizza is the best food? Without a doubt. Everybody likes it. But, even a bad slice is better than almost anything else. I love the eating part. In a weird way, I eat less now. Maybe people should eat a slice every day. I love Prince Street Pizza. In Brooklyn, Di Fara is my favorite. What about outside of New York?

If you have a big group, get a bunch of cheese pizzas. You judge a pizza place on their cheese slice. So, for a big group lead with the cheese.

Then you can throw in a pepperoni or peppers and onions. In a big group, cheese is the first thing that disappears. Well, you can. I say go five and three.Gave it a 8.

It's bar pizza. Cafe Rustico II : Cheese: 6. I don't know. Canton Sports Plex : Rink pizza scale, 7. Blood Injury. Dimo's : Drunk Pizza Chi vs. Pizza is love. Too floppy, starts 2.

Asterisk over score, Dave may have had a cold. Pantry Pizza Kitchen : Impromptu pizza review, came into the office unannounced. Wasn't crispy enough. Pi Pizzeria : 8. Pizzare : Rome, Italy. Un ba-bite-to, everyone knows the rules-o Pizzeria Montarella : Rome, Italy. Near the colosseum.

barstool pizza review list nyc

It's a thin guy. In Raynham or Taunton? A soft 6. Stoked Wood Fire Pizza : Crust good, bread good. Might have eaten a Margherita Pizza? Subway : Flatizza. A sneaky 3. T'Anthony's : Floping all over the place.

Crust is very good. Calls it a 8. Town Spa : Same exact as Monty's.

barstool pizza review list nyc

Point off pizza review cause the sweatshirt was ill-fitting. Umberto's : Eaten in Boston City Hall. Wasn't totally warm. US National Toboggan Championships. Did I miss a pizza review? Score a review incorrectly?


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